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Glue | adhesive tapes

easy to use and quick adhesive spray ideal for most surfaces including acetate, light cloth, plastic, wood, glass and paper..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Aerosol LEAFSHINE 750mlAdds shine and freshness to leaves for a long time, protects from dust. Suitable for different types of leaves...
Ex Tax:5.20€
Kvalitatīva floristikas līme, kas paredzēta gan dzīviem, gan mākslīgiem ziediem.LIETOŠANA: uzklājiet līmi uz kāta un pēc tam iespiediet to floristikas oāzē. Uzglabāšanas instrukcija: +5°C - +25°C, vēsā un sausā vietā.Tilpums: 50ml..
Ex Tax:5.08€
Floral plasticine 5mSize: 15mmWaterproof and especially durable adhesive plasticine. Ideal for attaching flowers to dishes, candles to candle holders and to floral foam...
Ex Tax:6.90€
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